2/18 Lunch: Richard Gilmore of GIC Group

A Carbon/GHG Index for Agriculture

Whatever the outcome of the cap and trade debate, US agriculture operates in a global food chain system where carbon/ GHG credits increasingly figure into investments and trade.  Primary agriculture and value added agro-industries, including food and beverage manufacturing, the biofuel industry, biotech, fertilizer manufacturers and pulp and paper producers, offer significant opportunities for carbon emissions reductions and emissions offsets.  For this particular reason, the two economic sectors are viewed as critical components in addressing the issue of climate change. Dr. Gilmore will discuss the development and applications of an index targeted to agriculture that can measure: 1/ financial gains from the introduction of new abatement technologies; 2/ balance sheet asset credit valuations; and 3/ minimize risk and maximize gains in valuations as a universal hedging instrument.

Rick Gilmore is President of GIC Group, an international agribusiness company.

The presentation: GIC-ACI Presentation_SGE.1802 (745kb PDF)