Upcoming elections — call for candidates

EXTENDED: applications are due Friday, July 9.

The Society of Government Economists is pleased to announce a call for candidates to the Board of Directors. You may choose to run for a specific leadership position or an at-large Board spot.

We recently created several new Board-level positions. Please read the descriptions in the bylaws at https://www.sge-econ.org/2010/06/updated-bylaws/ and consider whether you would like to perform those duties. We have also decided to change the timing of elections. Elections will now take place in February. This makes the terms better aligned with our annual conference schedule, ending shortly after the AEA conference in early January. Therefore, this year’s elections are for a shortened term as we adjust to the new schedule.

The positions up for election are:

  • President (1-year term, expiring this cycle in February)
  • Vice-President (1-year term, expiring this cycle in February)
  • Treasurer (2-year term) The Treasurer position is not up for election this year. Brian Sloboda will continue as Treasurer during the next year.
  • Executive Director (4-year term)
  • Executive Secretary (1-year term, expiring this cycle in February)
  • Membership Director (2-year term)
  • Website Director (2-year term)
  • Conference Chair (2-year term)
  • Outreach Director and Event Planner (2-year term)

The Board of Directors may have up to 15 representatives, and no fewer than nine. All Directors who do not have named leadership positions will fill at-large slots.

If you are interested in running, please send your name, affiliation and title, and a one-paragraph personal statement about why you are a good candidate to elections@sge-econ.org by FRIDAY, JULY 2. Elections will occur the following week.

Thank you, and I hope to see a strong turnout of candidates. It is important to the Society that we have a diverse Board, representing the many career paths, agencies, and backgrounds that SGE represents. Serving on the Board of Directors is a great way to give back to your colleagues by furthering SGE’s mission: to support the professional development of government economists, and those who are interested in public policy economics, by providing them with research, publication, and professional communication opportunities.

If you have any questions about serving on the Board, please feel free to contact me or any of the other current Board members. Our contact information is available at https://www.sge-econ.org/about/.