9/23 Lunch: Martin Apple, President of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents

Our Energy Future – The Intersect of Science, Economics, and Politics

Dr. Apple will begin with a discussion of the ecological footprints of economic activity, including Earth’s million-year history of emitting Carbon into the air and why it has created a greenhouse warming effect. He will also examine the growing impact of the current rise in atmospheric CO2 on climate instability. Using informative graphs, Dr. Apple will then present the full picture of energy in the United States – where it comes from, how it is captured and used, and how it is lost. He will explain that there are only four pathways forward that we have, and argue for what our best strategy would be. Under his proposed strategy we would be able to pay for the transition to achieve GHG-free energy by the year 2030. He will conclude with a broader discussion of the “intersect of science and politics,” and present an evidence-based roadmap for how we can lead large scale change.

Dr. Martin A. Apple is president of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP), an organization of presidents of some sixty scientific federations and societies whose combined membership reportedly totals over 1.4 million scientists and science educators. CSSP promotes “wise science policy in support of science and science education” and functions as a national science leadership development center, as well as a forum for emerging scientific issues. Dr. Apple is a leader in promoting science education and is actively collaborating with leading scientists from various disciplines to further innovation in alternative energy and to better integrate the principles of ecological sustainability within the scientific community. Prior positions that Dr. Apple has held include Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, Chairman of the American Insitute of Chemists, Chairman of the multicampus University of California Northern California Cancer Center, Multidisciplinary Drug Research Group, President of the International Plant Research Institute, Vice Chairman of the Board of the East-West Center Association, member of the executive committee of the National Agricultural Research, Education, Economics and Extension Board, director of Science-Watch (a science policy analysis project), and member of the Governing Board of the National Economists Club. Dr Apple was the co-chair of the first (2000) Gordon Conference on the Frontiers of Science on the topic of Science and Technology Policy and a keynote speaker at the Gordon Research Conference on Fuel Cells. Dr. Apple has developed a number of innovations in bio-technology, pharmacology, and genetic engineering, and has authored and co-authored dozens of research, technical and scientific publications, including 6 books (e.g: Cancer, A Comprehensive Treatise, Vol V). He received an MSc from the University of Minnesota in Genetics and Microbiology, and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California.