Call for Papers: 2012-13 Conferences

SGE Annual Conference – November 5-6, 2012, Washington, DC. 
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Call for Papers (Word version or PDF version)
Deadline September 30, 2012.

Distinguished speakers will include Alice Rivlin (former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve and a recent member of the President’s Debt Commission), Natwar M. Gandhi (Chief Financial Officer for the District of Columbia), Janice Eberly (the Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy), Stephen Fuller (Director of George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis), and Noam Scheiber (Senior Editor with The New Republic).

The SGE Annual Conference will feature a Symposium: Building a Strong and Inclusive Economy for the Washington Metro Area

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The Society of Government Economists is proud to announce a call for papers for two conferences.

SGE Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Co-sponsored by the Economics Department of George Washington University

November 5-6, 2012

Washington, DC

Among the distinguished speakers at the conference will be Dr. Natwar Gandhi, the Independent Chief Financial Officer for the District of Columbia; and Professor Barry Chiswick, Chair of the Economics Department, George Washington University.  (The availability of several other distinguished speakers has yet to be confirmed at this time.)


SGE Sessions at the Annual Conference of the Allied Social Science Associations /

American Economic Association

January 4-6, 2013

San Diego, CA

Please download either a Word version or pdf version of the call for papers. There is no fee for submitting an application for paper presentations or for entire sessions. However, applications will only be accepted from current SGE members or from individuals purchasing a membership (for $25 per year) in their application. (Anyone can join SGE who shares our interest in the work of government economists.) Applications for conference papers and sessions may be made simultaneously to both conferences, by filling a single application form.  If the application is made to both, and is accepted to both, then it is expected that the presentations will be made at both conferences.

* The deadline for submitting proposed papers or sessions for the AEA conference is May 15, 2012; however, the deadline for SGE-only papers and sessions is September 30, 2012.