April 16th at noon

Housing Markets and Policy

Friday Virtual Seminar Series
April 16, 2021
12 noon to 1:45 pm

This seminar is free.  Pre-registration is required. Register in advance at this Zoom link. Maximum capacity is 100 participants.

This session features three papers on the timely topic of housing, a sector of the economy that is once again garnering attention in the news and continues to inspire interesting academic research. The first paper examines the housing market’s rent response to changes in supply, drawing evidence from a recent sizable expansion to Washington DC’s apartment housing stock. Also using data from the DC market, the second paper investigates whether “green buildings” (with LEED certification) garner a rental premium, consistent with potential savings on utilities and operating expenses. The third paper exploits variation in housing tax policy to explore how education and earnings outcomes later in life are affected by growing up in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) housing.

ChairScott Wentland (US Bureau of Economic Analysis)

The Impact of an Increasing Housing Supply on Housing Prices: The Case of the District of Columbia, 2000-2018
Bethel L. Cole-Smith (Howard University) and Daniel Muhammad (Government of DC)

The Effect of Green-Building Certification on Housing Rental Prices in the District of Columbia
Nyanya Browne (Howard University) and Daniel Muhammad (Government of DC)

Does Growing Up in Tax-subsidized Housing Lead to Higher Earnings and Educational Attainment?
Elena C. Derby (Joint Committee on Taxation)

DiscussantsJustin Contat (Federal Housing Finance Agency); Abdul Munisib (US Bureau of Economic Analysis); Jeremy Moulton (UNC-Chapel Hill)