April 30th at noon

Land and Trade – Two Views

Friday Virtual Seminar Series
April 30, 2021
12 noon to 1:30 pm

This seminar is free.  Pre-registration is required. Register in advance at this Zoom link. Maximum capacity is 100 participants.

This session features two papers, both of which explore novel approaches in their corresponding fields.  The first paper investigates historical problems in Indian land ownership, including the ownership structure, and explores application of the public goods theory to the case of Indian owners monitoring the Bureau of Indian Affairs in its assistance with land lease negotiations.  The second paper examines existing methods of estimating nondiscriminatory non-tariff measures (NTM) and proposes a measure to aggregate nondiscriminatory trade costs and decompose the estimated trade costs into individual components.  It provides an approach to identify and remove non-cost factors that erroneously contributed to the aggregate cost estimates, and it estimates the effects of specific NTMs trade costs using available data. 

ChairSusan Xu (International Trade Administration)

Monitoring of Bureaucracy as a Public Good – A Case Study of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Olga Shanks (George Mason University) and Thomas Stratmann (George Mason University)

A Pragmatic Approach to Estimating Nondiscriminatory Non-Tariff Trade Costs
Peter R. Herman (U.S. International Trade Commission)

DiscussantsPatrice Kunesh (Native American Rights Fund and Former Director, Center for Indian Country Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis); Maksim Belenkiy (International Trade Administration)