President’s Message

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the President of the Society of Government Economists (SGE) for a third term, starting in May 2016. I am humble and deeply grateful to the membership and the board of directors for electing me and providing me with this opportunity.

The SGE is a nonprofit (501(c)3) and membership supported organization registered in the District of Columbia. It was founded in 1971. Its object is to support the professional development of government economists and those who are interested in public policy economics, by affording them research, publication, and professional communication opportunities. The Society also strives to promote educational and scholarly exchange on the many facets of economic affairs, as it encourages the freedom of research and abides by ethical guidelines of our profession.

To accomplish its mission, SGE holds an annual conference and several sessions at the annual meetings of the AEA that follow a highly competitive and selective process. The Society often partners with other economics associations having sessions at their annual meetings (the Southern Economic Association and Eastern Economic Association), holds monthly luncheons with distinguished speakers, evening seminars on topical issues, and provides a variety of information on its website such as call-for-papers of other organizations, announcements, etc.

With my newly-elected board, we are engaged in strategic planning to contemplate our society’s future. Our priorities are to strengthen the SGE membership and serve our members and our community as best we can. To this end, I urge you to become involved with SGE and spread the word to your colleagues encouraging them to join us. Please, help us reach out to colleagues at different local or federal agencies, non-profit organizations and even non-governmental organizations.

I am proud to report some highlights of our achievements and successes during the last year. I start with our latest triumph: The Annual Conference of SGE at the Bureau of Labor Statistics on May 13, 2016. Professor John Abowd, Cornell University and the Census Bureau, delivered the luncheon keynote “The Fate of Empirical Economics When All Data Are Private.” The conference had fourteen sessions covering new fascinating research in economics and attracted more than one hundred participants from the government, academia and the private sector.

We were also successful in holding eight SGE sessions at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting (Nov. 2015) and the Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting (Feb. 2016) and organize another eight sessions at the AEA Annual Meeting in San Francisco (Jan 2016). Our evening seminars covering topical issues in economics are going strong; they are very well attended. Equally important and successful are our luncheons that we organize in cooperation with the National Economists Club. Keeping up with technology and new media of communication, the Society now has a linkedin and a facebook page and we are working on being present in all other outlets. Please, follow us and send us your feedback.

As we move towards the 2016 presidential elections, the new U.S. President in 2017, and many unresolved bills of the Federal government, SGE’s members will be busy analyzing, evaluating, communicating their results to the public and improving public understanding.

I welcome all new SGE members to our Society and all new board members and I am looking forward to working with my board and all of you for the good of our society.


Amelie Constant, Ph.D.

President SGE